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Cleaning guide
Clean with a damp cotton cloth, rub dry if you want to polish it. Apply colorless cream or cream with the color of the leather on the whole shoe. With the time, the colors lose intensity and color patches can appear due to knocks or scratches. In this case we will use a renewal cream of the same color of our footwear. When the cream dries, we rub strongly with a dry cloth to polish it.
Trick: If the stain remains you can try to clean it with your baby’s damp tissues. If we don’t have cream at home we can use body milk, cleansing milk or even face cream





We recommend a water-repellent spray to avoid spots. No cream is recommended, since they make disappear its characteristic plushy finishing. Once the footwear is dry, we must brush it to remove the hair and to make it more beautiful.
Trick: You can use dust-repellent spray (water-repellent for mops). If the footwear has scratches, they can disappear with a rubber eraser.




For suede, nubuck and velvet:
-    Dry-cleaner: it eliminates the stains and the dirt.
-    Rubber sponge: it eliminates the dirt and renews the aspect of suede or nubuck.
-    Stain-removal rubber: it eliminates the stains and revives the fur.




Clean with a wet cotton cloth, rub dry if you want to polish it. Apply colorless cream or of the color of the leather.
Trick: if the stain remains you can try to clean it with your baby’s damp tissues.




Clean gently with cotton impregnated in milk, vinegar or oil, dry with a clean and dry cloth, rubbing strongly to recover the original shine of the patent leather.
Trick: Rub the whole footwear with a suede or clean cloth impregnated in some furniture polish. Then, with another dry and clean cloth, rub the patent leather and you will see how the shine reappears.




Note: We recommend trying before on a non-visible corner of the footwear to be sure of how the final result will be.




In the market we can find multiple products for the shoe care, such as:
-    Water-repellent spray: it protects from stains produced by rain and humidity.
-    Cream for delicate skins: they clean and take care of leathers that need special care.
-    Color-repair cream: with the time, colors soften and to take them back to its original color you can apply this type of cream. We can find it as a cream or spray.
-    Polish: it nourishes, protects and waterproofs.
-    Sponge with instant shine: with only one run over the footwear will be new again, perfect to bring it always in your handbag or suitcase. They can have different colors or be colorless.
-    Dye: Dyes and changes forever the color of our footwear.


Legend for icons shoe care: 



  Do not immerse in water
  Rub with a wet cloth
  Dry at room temperature
  Use specific waxes
  Brush gently
Apply dustproof spray







Garantía 100% piel is an informative, differentiating tool. Every footwear with this label meets the regulations and the quality and provenance requirements.


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